Akzeptierte Beiträge (in alphabetischer Reihenfolge) und das Programm, detailiertes Programm ICST (mit ASQT) u. detailliertes Programm ICSTW (einschließlich ASQT).

Titel Autor Firma/
Scaling Agility R. Brenner Zühlke Engineering (Austia) GmbH
Working in Distributed Teams A. Egger Egger Software e. U.
The shifting business case for testing A. van Ewijk Sogeti Germany GmbH
Automated Testing in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline: A Case Study of an Online Company J. Gmeiner, R. Ramler, J. Haslinger Software Competence Center Hagenberg & University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
TestChameleon: An Innovative Infrastructure for Test Automation G. Hansbauer Testbirds GmbH
A Guide to Lean Software Development in Action A. Janes Free University of Bolzano
Security Testing of Mobile Apps – Why using TLS/SSL is not enough P. Kieseberg, P. Frühwirt, E. Weippl SBA Research gGmbH & University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten
A survey on mobile users’ software quality perceptions and expectations A. Nitze, A. Schmietendorf Berlin School of Economics
Test Automation of NFC S. Puri-Jobi AMS AG
Case study nCanto 3.0 W. Richter JIPP.IT GmbH
PMBOK vs. Agile Methods W. Richter JIPP.IT GmbH
Implementing Tool Support for Analyzing Stakeholder Communications in
Software Development
V. A. Shekhovtsov, H. C. Mayr, M. Kucko Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt
Testing Big Data H. Sneed
Designing sustainable information systems
for organizations operating in safety critical environments
W. Vorraber, G. Lichtenegger, D. Neuchbacher, S. Vössner Graz University of Technology
From Agile Software Development to the Sharing Economy and the Collaborative Commons H. Wagger safebook GmbH
Scaling a running agile fix-bid project with near shoring: theory vs. Reality and (best) practice V. J. Wawryk; Ch. Krenn; Th. Dietinger DCCS GmbH